Vendor's Qualification and Auditing, Expediting and Inspection Services

Deadlines and schedules of industrial projects are becoming more and more challenging. Besides, many business processes are outsourced to third-parties to cut costs.

We have the right technical skills and knowledge to integrate the purchasing phase to project management in order to secure cost, quality and timely delivery of goods and components.



  • Scouting of Technologies and Vendor List implementation
  • Vendor follow-up and factory qualification process
  • Vendor auditing and QA validation
  • Vendor material delivery set-up and follow-up
  • Production schedule
  • Analysis of delivery schedule of items
  • Reports with detailed work progress, costs, production issues
  • Pre-inspection Meeting (PIM)
  • Inspection
  • Expediting visits to vendors
  • Non-material Requisition Tracking
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