Technical Assistance to Procurement

On the basis of project documents we can provide technical comparison between bids, in the most transparent way, in order to highlight bidders’ technical features (pros & cons), technical lacks or unacceptable deviations, improvement margins.

Besides, we can manage the communication with bidders to align the technical conditions to the minimum required features.

After the awarding of PO, we can provide the technical review of vendor documents, in order to guarantee the complete fulfilment of PO and the coordination of tie-ins with other supplies or discipline interface points. On demand, we can also extend our services to inspection, testing and QA/QC documents in order to provide a full service covering the whole supply.



  • Technical Bid Tabulations based on Project requirements
  • Bidder’s follow-up for technical alignment
  • Vendor documentation review and plant design integration
  • FAT Attendance
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