Hitachi Synergies and New Businesses

Hitachi is moving towards delivering innovation to society to mitigate global energy challenges and shape a future where sustainable, reliable, safe and efficient energy is available to everyone across society and business.

As we belong to the Hitachi Group, we share the goal to innovate to zero to create the vision and framework for social innovation in energy to flourish. Through the synergies within the Group, we can leverage our skills to discover new business opportunities.



  • Energy management & Efficiency studies
    Based on the lastest technologies, we can analyse plants and provide design for solutions to optimatize plant energy consumption and efficienty, starting from the modelization of the current plant consumption and efficiency and, possibly, adding some metering devices to provide consumption statistics and solutions.
  • Water
    We can offer our services in order to provide solutions on purification and sewage water treatment, recycle water and desalinization. Our solutions, comprehensive of water management system, are aimed at protecting the environment and optimizing water resource management with a focus on water leakage detection and water network optimization.
  • Mobility
    Solutions for a total system integrator from railways to automobiles. With our ideas and services we can support the future of transportation infrastructures in order to allow a safer and more comfortable movement of people.
  • Industry
    To allow our customers to supply high quality, reliable products on the market, we are providing solutions to contribute globally as a total system integrator in a wide range of industries including chemistry, pharmaceutical and automobiles. We established a strong collaboration with Tsuchiura factory for large pump and compressor business.
  • Environmental management
    As part of Hitachi group, we are working to provide solutions for an environmental vision aimed at an environmental management for a sustainable society. Under this vision we are providing solutions to help control CO2 emission, reducing consumption of fuel, electricity and gas in order to mitigate global warming.
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