Instrumentation & Automation Engineering

In our over 25 years of experience, we have supplied a broad spectrum of instrumentation & automation engineering services worldwide. With senior engineering experts from the O&G, Power Generation and Heavy Industries sector in our staff, we can play a pivotal role in providing engineering support for greenfield and brownfield projects.

In our design flow, the instrumentation & automation technology, as the most interdisciplinary branch of engineering, connects process & piping to automation by providing the nervous system of the project body. With the increasing pressure on industrial companies to reduce costs and waste, our Instrumentation & Automation team offers the means to design regulation and monitoring operations in order to identify inconsistencies focusing on productivity, optimization, stability, reliability, safety and continuity of plant operation.

We have the capabilities to apply control theory to design systems with desired behaviors and are responsible for the research, the design, the development and the control of devices/systems.
Our team mastered internationally known engineering IT tools to leverage activities and interdisciplinary coordination and reduce errors, time and costs.



  • P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams) Study in Collaboration with Process & Piping depts.
  • Study and Choice of Materials for Instruments and Valves (Instrument Piping Class).
  • Technical Specifications and Data Sheets for Instruments and Valves including Calculation sheets.
  • Technical Bid Alignment and Evaluation of Instrumentation, Telecommunication and Automation Items
  • Instrument Erection on Vessel Specification and Drawings.
  • Field Instrumentation Engineering Design including cable routing aboveground and underground.
  • Control Room and Process Interface Building Instrumentation Design.
  • Design with 3D Model.
  • Utility consumption list, instrument and I/O list.
  • Terminal wiring, loop and logic diagrams
  • DCS, ESD & F&G Systems Design.
  • Fire & Gas Engineering (Specifications, data sheets and field engineering) starting from F&G philosophy
  • Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Inspection (PIM, FAT, SAT, etc..)
  • Package Design Engineering and Follow-Up for Instrumentation.
  • SPI (Smart Plan instrumentation) and Aveva Instrumentation Application.
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