Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is the largest and most diversified technological field in the engineering world. Since 1989 our company has been providing specialized electrical design services to all kinds of industrial customers.

An in-depth expertise from high voltage generation to low voltage distribution makes it possible to bring our valuable support to energy producers and, through national grids (HHV), to the industrial users.

We, therefore, provide a full range of integrated electrical engineering services for industrial fields such as O&G, power generation, infrastructures and heavy industries all along the life cycle of customer’s project, from the feasibility investigation to the consolidated operation.

Our team has the experience of more than one million hours in electrical engineering and its contribution to the project is always enhanced by the most advanced industry-standard IT tools to model and analyse any kind of electrical events and needs in order to design a reliable, efficient and safe electrical system. Our electrical services comply with business standards such as IEC, IEEE, ANSI, UL, NEMA, NEC, GOST, BS and EN ISO.



  • Design of Extra-High, High, Medium and Low Voltage Systems
  • Technical Specifications and Data Sheets for Electrical Equipment
  • AC and DC Systems
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Protection & Metering Studies and Diagrams
  • Schematic and Logic Diagrams
  • Electrical Network Calculation Studies
  • Technical Bids Alignment and Evaluation of Electrical Items
  • Follow-up of Vendor Documents
  • Field Engineering & Design
  • Substation Engineering & Design
  • Load List and Cable List
  • Inspection (PIM, FAT, SAT, etc..)
  • 3D Model Design
  • SPEL (Smart Plant Electrical) Application
  • Energy Management and Efficiency Studies and Design
  • Pre-Commissioning Services
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